Our city has grown and changed. The first step is to redesign our streets to make them safe.  Clear signage and markings are needed as well as a change to the way streets are used for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  City planners and engineers have good solutions.  The problem is city councillors are not supportive and indecisive.  Nothing gets done expect councillors' pet projects.


I have always advocated for fair taxation of small businesses. Unfortunately, council has always viewed small business as a cash cow.  Let's be fair!  We need small businesses!!  They contribute to our community. Empty store fronts are not acceptable!


Shelters have no place in residential areas.  I prefer to work with CAMH to better deal with this issue. More suitable locations are essential to solve this issue.


Low rise development (maximum 6 stories) fits into our ward.  Creating heritage zones can ensure that dramatic changes don't occur.  Incentives can be provided for better rental projects and zoning that fits the community and has the approval of local residence.